Unbelievable! I luh-love this bassinet diaper cake! SO creative and it turned out SO cute as well! What a fun idea to do a diaper cake in the shape of a bassinet! This is truly one-of-a-kind!. April created this A-mazingly clever bassinet diaper cake and now she has gone to the additional effort to share her time, talents and creativity with the rest of us to ‘Pay it Forward’ and pass along her creative flame!Wedding comes with a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the bride, groom and their family. Every detail has to be hand gripped with care and caution. It calls for extensive searches for bridal apparels,wedding venues in Goa, caterers in goa, bridal mehndi in goa, wedding dress in goa, bands in goa, photographers in goadecorators in goa and more along with banging doors for appointments and bookings.

I am constantly impressed with each new diaper cake submission we get from our wonderful readers. I am impressed with not only the cute styles and creativity of each diaper cake, but also with the desire that our readers have to share their ideas with others. Kindness to strangers is alive and well here at our diaper cake gallery! All thanks to readers like April. Thanks for your inspiring, creative and downright adorable diaper cake, April!!


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