Royal Wedding Theme

Dreams – everybody has their own set of dreams regarding their wedding day, be it a man or a woman. In the yonder days, all dreams were not meant to be realised but today, one can dare to dream and live them up as well.

If you had been dreaming of exchanging your marriage vows against a palatial backdrop, amidst a harmonious setting ringing with the melodious tunes of a regal shehnai, and affording an expensive royal wedding is way beyond your budget, then do not lose heart, you can go for a royal wedding theme.

Hire a wedding planner, and they will do the best they can to turn your wedding venue into a royal wedding location within your budget. Right from the arrangement of throne like chairs for the bride and the groom to the grand welcoming of your guests with the Itra, every trivial and pivotal event in your wedding will unfold in exactly the way you wanted.

Wedding colour palette holds the utmost importance while planning a royal theme wedding. There must be a sense of harmony between the colours of your wedding palette and it must include regal shades like red, golden, royal blue, silver etc. The choice of colours for your royal wedding palette must start with your wedding invitation cards itself and then extend to the wedding bridal dress for the bride and the groom which must also be regal in nature, and must suffice to make the bride and the groom look like a prince and a princess.

An appropriate ambience matters a lot when you are planning a royal wedding for yourself and it must include fountains, fresh beautiful flowers matching your wedding palette and light effects tinged with the tunes of a shehnai. You must also be extra careful while picking the cuisine for your royal wedding as it must give your guests a taste of the theme you have planned for your wedding.


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