Wedding and Spas

Wedding comes with a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the bride, groom and their family. Every detail has to be hand gripped with care and caution. It calls for extensive searches for bridal apparels,wedding venues in Goa, caterers in goa, bridal mehndi in goa, wedding dress in goa, bands in goa, photographers in goadecorators in goa and more along with banging doors for appointments and bookings.

The hectic calendar to be attended to leaves one stressed and spiritless. The pizzazz of the bride in organizing her special day invites the need for rejuvenation which can be best delivered through the various treatments offered at Spas.

Spas offer a lucrative way of babying oneself with one of the most ancient and still advancing medical treatments that are sure to freshen up body and soul. To squeeze maximum benefits from Spas one should book for a several treatments over a period of time well before the date of marriage. Anything left for the last minute is risk bound and may not yield in the fullest of one’s potential.

For a refreshing delight there are a number of Spas with miscellanea of treatments to choose from. Choice can be made by balancing between Spa’s service and one’s pocketbook.

To lighten the burden of selection, here’s a sneak peak at various effective treatments available at most Spas.

Aromatherapy: This observes a practice of using aromatic oils extracted from plants to divert mind and soothe soul. Other advantages are a reduction in anxiety and pain, mind relaxation, energy boost up, reduction in hair loss etc.

Elemental facials: These include various types of facials particular to a skin type and aspired results. Types are Herbal facial, Radiance and sensitive skin.

Body wraps: Body wraps are categorized basing on the element used for wrapping the body. Body can be covered in mud, lotion, cream or seaweed. Depending on one of these, the treatment helps in purging toxins out of the body. After applying a lotion, it is absorbed by massaging and hence distresses the body. It helps soothe and radiate skin.

Bathing: Various options include bathing in steam, mud, hot spring and fruit pulp. It heals and replenishes the body that has lost its charm due to a pressurised lifestyle. This is one of the most basic yet regarded therapies of all.

Reflexology: It is based on the science of using reflex zones in the body such as areas on hands and feet corresponding to a particular gland or organ so as to achieve point to point relaxation.

Therapeutic massage: It has benefits far from just relaxation such as improve muscle tone, blood circulation and treat depression.


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