Top 8 Tips For Indian Grooms To Choose The Right Wedding Day Footwear.. Part 2

#5. Prepare a budget beforehand

Preparation of your footwear budget before hand will give you the advantage of clarity when you actually go and try out different options in the shop. Let the shop attendant know beforehand what your expectations are to avoid any confusion. It is best to keep your budget a little flexible, so that even if you exceed the limit, it will not pinch your pocket too much.

#6. Check the comfort of your footwear

Comfort is one of the decisive factors in choosing your wedding day footwear. No matter how stunning the shoe is, or how good it looks on you, you cannot possibly wear it if you are uncomfortable in it. So walk around a considerable distance in your footwear, and ensure that it is absolutely comfortable before you go ahead and buy it. If your footwear is not comfortable you can end up being too tired to enjoy all the revelry.

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#7. Always take a second opinion

When it comes to wedding day footwear, always take a second opinion. There might be a whole new perspective in store for you when you ask for opinions. You might have missed on many aspects, such as how the shoe fits you or how it goes with your attire. A second opinion will only help to make better and more informed choices about what to go for.

#8. Go for a pedicure

With so many rituals and occasions that require the groom to take off his shoes, it is always a good idea to reach the venue with well-groomed feet. Grooms today, have no qualms in getting a pedicure done from a professional salon. It is not something that men would shy away from. In fact, getting a pedicure will only add to your personality and aesthetic appeal on that very special day.

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