DIY Wedding Invitations And Other Great Crafts – Part 2

Photographers in Goa: Digital creations | Bridal makeup in Goa: Swizel | mc in goa: Neil Mckenzie

Brought to you by goa wedding directory — making wedding and party planning in GOA easier.

Cocktails – If there’s one thing we all love to do at weddings, it’s drink cocktails! A fresh drink when you enter the reception is always welcome. But, a creative, personal cocktail is even better. Perfect your own recipe or try these delicious pomegranate cocktails. Yum!

Ribbons – Ribbons are a fantastic thing to have handy at a wedding. You can use them for any number of decorations. Pick a handful of colours that match your colour scheme and adorn them all around the venue. Use them as bunting across the hall of your reception, for example. You could hang ribbons from the roof during the ceremony. There are so many amazing possibilities here, get creative!

Guestbook – A beautiful, hand-written message from friends and family is just what you need to remember the day. Get your hands on a large, hard-back notebook and get to work! Decorate it with flowers, ribbons and just about anything else you can find.

There’s no need to raid the bank on every little detail. Think about what you could make for your wedding!


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