DIY Wedding Invitations And Other Great Crafts – Part 1

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It’s only nine months and counting until my wedding date in November! If you’ve found yourself here, you’ve probably got the Big Day coming up soon too. Maybe you’ve got the reception venue booked already, you fast worker, you. You’ve proposed to your bride and reserved the caterers. These are all the big things you simply can’t avoid spending money on.
However, when it comes to all the little things, I’m here to tell you to go DIY! As soon you add the word ‘wedding’ to anything, it seems like the price doubles. “Oh, you want wedding candles? That’ll be twice the price please.” At some point, enough is enough, let’s get crafty and make our own! We’ll start with the all-important wedding invitations.
Wedding Invitations – There are hundreds of great invitation ideas out there. But nothing is more personal and loving than if you hand craft them yourself. All you need is some good quality card and some craft essentials. You could try pressing some flowers and use glue dots to stick them to the card. A couple I know had their child draw a picture which they used for their invitations. Very cute! Think about how you can let your arty side out here.
Framed table plans and order of service. – Our venue tried to charge us a fortune to use their table plan. No thank you! We plan to make our own and you could to. There are loads of great ideas out there. I especially love the framed blackboards. You’ll find plenty of them on Pinterest for inspiration. Just use a beautiful old, rustic frame and build it around a chalkboard. Then all you need is a friend who is great with calligraphy to write it all out!
Corsage – The corsage is a real personal treat when you can make it yourself. If you’re handy with crafts, this one is quite easy. Of course, you can pick your own flowers and make a more traditional corsage. Or, you can get creative and use paper and material to craft something personal. I’ve even seen some fantastic corsages made from fruit!
Centerpieces – These are always tricky at weddings. Do you opt for a big flower arrangement? Or do you keep it low key and elegant? If you’ve got a flair for art here, you can get really crafty. Try twigs, berries and a glass vase for a winter themed wedding. You could also stick small flower heads around a polystyrene ball. This looks fantastic when finished.

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