Bridal Makeup for your Wedding Day

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day—after all, it’s the most special day of her life. So, surely you too want to do the same thing. For you, the best thing to do is to put yourself in the hands of professional beauticians at the best beauty parlor in town. These beauticians attend to all the smallest details of a bridal makeup in goa—right from her facial makeup to her hairstyle, nail polish and wedding dress in goa. They dress you in your bridal finery including your jewellery and make you look stunning so that all heads turn in your direction.

At the beauty parlour, wedding makeup starts three days before the wedding day when you are given a bridal facial and other makeup preparatory for the big day. This is done keeping in mind your complexion and features. Usually, Indian brides look gorgeous in red and gold makeup which enhances her natural radiance. An experienced beautician will also take care to hide any flaws you might have and bring out the strong points of your features.

Since looking your best is of prime consideration to you on your wedding day, here are some tips to help you. You might not choose to go with a professional at a beauty parlour. In case you prefer to do it yourself, here are some tips you can benefit from:

Choose very lightweight foundation which still gives you adequate exposure. Opting for heavy foundation will make the makeup noticeable instead of blending with your complexion, so avoid using it.

Have your eyebrows done about three to four days before your wedding day as you might experience redness which will be difficult to hide.

You’re sure to get emotional at your wedding and cry. So, ask the beautician at the beauty parlour to use an eye shadow base or just a little talcum powder on your eyelids. Waterproof mascara will also help, so wait a few seconds before you apply the next coat.

If you are fair complexioned, use a soft tone for lipstick, since bold colors may draw too much attention to your face. Match the tone in your natural blush with that of your lipstick to give your appearance a homogenous look.

Use soft colors if you are marrying in day time but if you are marrying in an enclosed hall with low lighting, use darker tones. Use bronzer or a blush to contour your face to give it a healthy glow and to give a soft definition to your features.

Try out your makeup a few days before the wedding day in case you want to make any changes.

Apart from your facial makeup at the beauty parlour, your hair too needs attention if you want to look stunning at your wedding. Check that your hair matches with the shape of your face and complements your lehenga or sari, shoes and overall appearance. At the beauty parlour, look for a style that suits you and won’t look too intimidating and too difficult to manage—it should make you look elegant.

It’s absolutely important for you to make all the right choices when it comes to choosing your beauty parlour, makeup style and hair style for your wedding—after all, it’s your big day.